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About Us

Lowell is a European leader in credit management services, specialising in debt recovery, data analytics and pioneering customer insight.

In the UK, Lowell comprises:

  • Lowell Financial Ltd – award-winning debt collection business (www.lowell.co.uk)
  • Fredrickson International Limited – accredited  debt servicing specialists (www.fredpay.com)
  • Lowell Solicitors Limited – a specialist law firm providing industry leading litigation and debt recovery services. (www.lowellsolicitors.co.uk)
  • Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd – market leader in debt purchase

Headquartered in Leeds, with offices in Surrey, we have over 1,600 team members and benefit from significant scale, expertise and experience in our market.

We have acquired in excess of 14 million accounts, which represents a significant proportion of the UK’s credit active population and enables us to have a significant understanding of new portfolios. We work with our consumers, offering realistic, affordable and sustainable payment plans tailored to their individual circumstances.

We see and respect the individuals behind the numbers, staying helpful, principled and fair in everything we do.

Our vision is to be the best in our field for clients. For consumers. Europe-wide.