Fredrickson International

Set up in 1992, Fredrickson International is one of the leading contingent debt collection agencies in the UK.

Based in Tolworth, Surrey, we specialise in high volume consumer credit collection within a number of different market sectors. Our clients include many FTSE 100 companies.

Our internal collections systems are all written and developed in-house and have flexibility second to none. Our telephone collections teams work accounts specifically designated to them and retain account ownership; they are intensively trained on the area of industry sector specific to them. This approach leads to a higher rate of collections on behalf of our clients.

Exact lettering and payment arrangements are flexible according to the client’s needs We operate an online payment facility ‘Fredpay’ and are able to take fully authorised credit/debit card payments, which can enhance levels of receipt where the client does not have this facility.

We are highly experienced in the use of litigation, when it is appropriate, and, typically, are able to generate significant uplifts in recoveries when accounts reach this stage.

In recent years we have won numerous awards, notably Credit Today’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ award (twice) and ‘Best Customer Initiative’.