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Lowell’s People Promise

We have a clear commitment to:

  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Develop
  • Involve
  • Recognise

…all of our team members – that is Lowell’s People Promise.

In addition, we offer competitive benefits and first class facilities for our team members.

We connect, communicate, develop, involve and recognise our team

We will ensure your manager gets to know you, understands you and respects you as an individual.
Induction: From day one we look to connect with our team members by offering a thorough induction. After day one the content varies, depending on which department you work in. The overriding aim is to start getting to know our new team members from day one. Day-to-day interactions: Every day you will have the opportunity to connect with your line manager and give them the opportunity to get to know you as well as you getting to know them. Weekly/monthly one-to-ones: Across the business each team member will have regular one-to-one contact with their line manager – whether that’s on a weekly or monthly basis.Team meetings: As well as one-on-one interaction with your manager, we encourage team members to connect within their teams. Across the business most areas hold regular team meetings and some hold social events as well. Performance evaluation: There is a formal process in place which ensures that all team members receive a half year and full year review. We assess performance on what is achieved and how it is achieved (Lowell Values). It also provides an opportunity to discuss development plans and personal goals. As part of the process, team members are asked to identify how their individual objectives fit in with/contribute to Lowell’s overall vision and purpose.

We will maintain open, honest, engaging and transparent two-way communication with you.
Director’s Breakfast: One of our already visible leadership team hosts a special ‘Director’s Breakfast’ each quarter. Attendees are randomly selected to come along and ask any question they like, whilst enjoying a breakfast sandwich and a hot drink. Team Briefs: Line managers are provided with a Team Brief document each month outlining key business messages and projects.Vision, Values and Purpose: All team members are engaged with our business Vision, Values and Purpose which are communicated across a range of channels on a regular basis.
Fresh PR silver award winner, freshest internal communications 2012

We will invest in you by providing learning to enable you to carry out your role, and opportunities to further develop in Lowell.
We strongly believe that working at Lowell is more than just a job…it’s a career. We offer a full range of development opportunities to support team members in their career progression. The type of training you will receive will depend on your role. For example, negotiators will spend up to 12 weeks in our award-winning Lowell Academy before graduating into our call centre.Whatever your role, continuous training will be provided by our in-house L&D team. We offer a range of courses, including negotiation skills, objection handling, collections, information system, principles of leadership, giving feedback, verbal communication, managing and driving change and engaging excellence.We also hold a comprehensive resource library of training materials including books, e-learning materials and DVDs available for all team members to borrow at their leisure.In the last 12 months over 30 people have been promoted or made sideways moves to enhance their development. Here’s what some of them had to say about Developing at Lowell:Bhageshri:

“I would rate personal development at Lowell as 10 out of 10! But, it’s not just up to the company to give out opportunities. If individuals want to progress they should actively seek them out! I would recommend that people regularly have an honest conversation with their line manager about their goals, targets and visions as they can help you realise your potential.”


“I think the progression opportunities at Lowell are great and the company, my manager and my team have all really supported me in developing new skills. The sponsorship policy has been extremely useful to me as Lowell is currently supporting me through my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) diploma which is an industry-recognised qualification that is helping me gain new knowledge that I can apply directly to my day-to-day role.”


“Since moving to Lowell I have been impressed with the number of its own people that Lowell has given fresh opportunities and challenges to and it clearly wants to promote the talent it already has. I have recently secured sponsorship to take an ICA Compliance Diploma and I think it is fantastic that Lowell has backed me in terms of support and finances to further my development through a formal qualification. My manager encouraged me to identify the qualification and then HR supported me in making it happen. I can’t wait to start!”


“I’ve moved a couple of times at Lowell and always with the support of my line managers who have been positive about my desire to progress and develop.”

We will give you opportunities to influence business decisions through listening to your opinions and reacting to your suggestions.
Lowell Giving: Lowell Giving is a special charity fundraising unit within the company, designed to promote charitable awareness, foster team spirit and encourage participation in fundraising. We ask team members which charities they would like to see supported and put forward ideas for fundraising events. Team members vote on a national charity each year, and two local charities every other year. In 2015 Team Lowell raised over £35,000 for Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Centre and Great Ormond Street Hospital.We’re Listening: Our company-wide engagement survey, We’re Listening is designed to keep track on how well Lowell is delivering on its People Promise. In 2016 we achieved our best ever engagement survey results to date.

We will acknowledge and reward your positive behaviours and performance.
Employee of the Month: Anyone can nominate a team member for Lowell’s Employee of the Month award, which recognises individuals who have exceeded all expectations during the month – whether that’s down to what they’ve delivered (business objectives) or how they’ve delivered it. Our winners receive an extra day’s holiday, certificate and badge, allocated parking space and the option of a 30 minute chat with a director of their choice. Lowell Annual Awards: Our awards recognise individuals who consistently go the extra mile. Winners are announced in a glitzy award ceremony hosted by the executive team and they receive a certificate and gift vouchers. All nominees also receive a prize. Incentives: we arrange innovative and topical incentives related to quality and performance.

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