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Working at Lowell

Our Office

Our prestigious offices are based at Leeds Valley Park West. Lowell’s UK Headquarters are based in Ellington House, whilst Darwin is the primary office for Lowell Solicitors.


You can find Ellington House and Darwin in the Leeds Valley Park,  LS10 1AB.  Click here to view a map for Leeds Valley Park West

Just three miles from Leeds City Centre and a five minute drive from Rothwell town centre, our modern offices are conveniently situated just off junction seven of the M621 and easily accessible from Leeds City Centre by public transport and our subsidised shuttle bus.

More information about how to get here is available in our Travel Plan driving directions, public transport and cycling information, plus details of Lowell’s free shuttle bus service which is available for our colleagues (both existing and prospective) and clients to use – just make sure you have some ID with you to show the driver.


Inside our offices we offer a range of facilities to make your career at Lowell a great experience. Facilities include:

  • Subsidised restaurant offering a variety of hot meals and a range of refreshments
  • Brew areas on each floor
  • Fully fitted kitchen for colleagues who prefer to cater for themselves
  • Free on-site gym for use by all colleagues during their breaks and after work by pre-booking (subject to demand/availability)
  • Cyber café to enable colleagues to catch up on personal errands in their breaks
  • Comfy, informal break out areas with TVs, pool and football tables

Hear from our team in Leeds

Sue is a customer service advisor on the telephony team at Lowell. The role involves dealing with customers who have disputes on their accounts, resolving their problems and turning them back into paying customers.

As well as talking to customers I spend a lot of time talking to members of the Collections team and to clients, obtaining the information I need to sort out the problems.

I really enjoy talking to and helping customers. If they have a dispute they can get upset but when they are put through to Customer Services they appreciate we are there to help and it helps them calm down. We know not all accounts are cut and dry so it’s giving the customer the opportunity to have someone investigate their account. It’s a lovely feeling to be able to help and resolve customers’ situations.

To be a good customer service advisor you need to be warm, friendly, empathetic and a good listener. To get to the bottom of the dispute you need to be able to look at the situation from both sides. You need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand how they got into that situation in the first place.

When I started I had a lot of training and now I train new members of our team. Everyone at Lowell is so warm and friendly, my team is like my family, and we all work together and help each other. You can go to other departments for help and everyone is so approachable, regardless of position and level. Everyone knows everyone. Senior managers know who you are, say hello and good morning, even directors say hello and good morning.

You also get recognition for doing well – managers reward you for your achievements, which makes you want to work harder. I worked at my last company for 10 years and there was no recognition or reward so it was great to come here. I get up in the morning wanting to get to work, it’s brilliant to want to come to work rather than be somewhere where you have to go to work.

If you are thinking of applying for a job here, go for it! You won’t be disappointed, you will enjoy it.

Jeff is a group team manager at Lowell. His role involves supporting and coaching team leaders to help them do the same for Negotiators within their teams. At a high level this involves cascading business information, regular one-to-one meetings, setting strong objectives and reviewing performance against those objectives.

If you’re considering a role at Lowell I would really encourage you. It’s a fantastic company to work for. With 500 team members it continues to grow but has kept its strong family culture.
The culture at Lowell is also one of continuous improvement. There are lots of development opportunities and you get the support you need to succeed. Lowell offers a challenging and fast-paced environment but the more you put in to it the more you get out of it. For a group team manager role, you’ll need to have a strong sense of leadership, charisma, dedication and determination.
I joined Lowell in September 2007 as a negotiator and have been on a journey characterised by exciting challenges, excellent support, high quality training and tremendous development opportunities ever since.
In July 2008 I was given the informal development opportunity of sharing better business practices with new team members as an Academy floor walker. Shortly thereafter I applied for Lowell’s formalised development initiative, the Future Leaders Programme, which focused on the leadership, day-to-day management, and technical skills that would be necessary to begin a role as a team leader. When a team leader position became available I succeeded in gaining the position through our internal application/interview process. As a team leader I continued to attend the Future Leaders Programme training modules for a further six months and benefited tremendously.
Then in July 2009 an opportunity arose to apply for a more senior position as a group team manager. Throughout the interview process I was able to effectively demonstrate all of the practical job knowledge, training and support I’d been given thus far as an employee at Lowell, along with previous management experience from past roles at other companies. I enjoy my current role tremendously and now have the pleasure of helping others progress and achieve their goals.

Martine is an organisation development consultant. Her main role is management development, in particular working on our Future Leaders and Better Leaders programmes, but she also manages and delivers our first day business induction programme and compliance refreshers. First day induction is designed to welcome people to Lowell and give them an insight into our culture and values whilst having fun!

One of the things I like about my role is that I can be creative in designing training modules and can keep incorporating new development techniques that I have learnt as part of my own personal development. But the best thing is seeing people grow and develop through coaching and applying their new skills, and progressing within the business through the development they have received.

The Future Leaders programme is for people who aspire to be future people managers within the business. Anyone can apply and if they meet the standards required and show potential we will provide six to eight months development both in the classroom and through a mentoring programme. This has been hugely successful over the past two years with around 85-90% going into full time people management roles, or a side-ways move as a Subject Matter Expert.

Lowell is very supportive of people who want to develop their skills and I’m a good example. I’ve completed my ILM level 5 in coaching and mentoring and now I’m doing my ILM level 7 executive coaching, supported through the company’s development sponsorship programme.

The culture at Lowell is respectful, friendly, open and fast-paced. It’s an exciting culture, which backs up the mission statement, for example, ‘better people to drive better results’ – Lowell is continuously developing people through it’s People Promise!

The benefits are good too, for example I have a metro card, which saves me around £200 per year, while other benefits include a corporate masseuse and eyecare vouchers. Plus I love the social side, which includes the annual Christmas party, pub quizzes and charity fundraising events. One year at Christmas I won a sat nav!

To sum up what’s good about working at Lowell I’d say it’s the constant development and challenges. I’m in a position where I can play to my strengths but am also stretching my comfort zone with different projects to work on which gives me a great sense of achievement once they are completed and I receive good feedback.

To anyone considering applying to work at Lowell, I’d say it’s a great company, very driven, and aspires to be the best. There’s great potential for it to grow and for you to grow with it. Lowell will support your career progression and will reward you handsomely if you deliver better results.

Buddy is a telephone negotiator at Lowell. His role involves speaking to customers about their outstanding debts and finding a solution which best suits their financial circumstances.

We use credit files to learn about a customer’s current financial commitments and understand their situation which helps us to agree affordable repayment plans. Knowing that you’ve helped a customer resolve their debts is really rewarding.
We’ve got a strong customer focus, and everyone’s performance is measured against seven Lowell Behaviours. These behaviours are far more than a tick box exercise; they set Lowell’s culture from the top down. By displaying these behaviours and meeting your targets you can maximise your earnings through commission and bonus.
To make a good negotiator you’ll need to enjoy dealing with people and have strong communication skills. You’ll also need to empathise with people’s circumstances. A lot of it is common sense really, just dealing with people the way you’d wish to be dealt with yourself. Our recruitment focuses on attitude and once we’ve got the right people in we offer what training they need. For me this included call consistency sessions to help me understand best practice calls.
If you’re considering a role at Lowell then go for it! It is a growing and developing business that offers to develop its team members and really rewards people’s hard work.
You’ll be pleased to know that progression is determined by your skills and expertise rather than how long you’ve been here – I’ve just been here a year and am already on Lowell’s Team Leader Grow plan which is all about developing the next generation of leaders. As you’d expect from a company that continues to grow so quickly, everyone is open to new ideas and not afraid to try things in a different way.
What is so good about working for Lowell is the environment. Every day is different and, because it’s target-focused, you always know what you need to achieve to succeed.

Since writing this Buddy has been promoted to team leader in recognition of his performance and achievements.

Jayne is a team leader in Lowell’s Trace department.

Making sure we are contacting the right people is absolutely key to our business. Sometimes our clients have lost touch with their customers and so we don’t have access to their up-to-date address details. That’s what our Trace team is here to do, verify that the customer details we are given by our client are correct.

I’ve learnt so much during my time with Lowell (over seven years). As our company vision suggests, we’ve invested heavily in building Better Practices and Better Systems and a lot more is automated today than it was back when I joined.

As the company has grown (from just 25 people when I started to over 500 today) it’s also helped me to grow by supporting my development. I’ve completed an NVQ Team Leader level 1 and 2 as well as a Team Leader course at Leeds University.

The best thing about Lowell is how valued you are. Back in 2007 I was nominated for ‘Support Employee of the Year’ at our annual awards and I was recently nominated for ‘Employee of the Month’. People put a lot into work and it’s really important that it’s recognised. It’s also good to know that if you are ever stuck there is always someone you can approach, help is available any time you need it.

If you’re considering a job a Lowell then think no more. It’s a great place to work and every day is different so you’ll never get bored.

Helen is a financial difficulties advisor at Lowell. She deals with customers who have appointed a third party to act on their behalf, such as a debt management company or the citizens advice bureau.

My role involves liaising with both the customers direct and with their advisors, setting up repayment plans, dealing with queries and so on. You have to be good at multitasking, dealing with correspondence, speaking to people on the phone, it’s always busy. Many people have the wrong image of companies like ours. We always have the customer’s interests at heart and there is a tremendous emphasis on compliance and treating customers fairly.

This is my first job since leaving university and my role has really developed since I started. I’ve had lots of training and coaching and developed new skills, and now I’m involved in training new starters myself. I really feel valued through the investment the company has made in me.

Lowell does want you to be the best whatever you are, so if you need the extra support or want to develop they will do their best to help get it for you.

The team spirit here is tremendous. We all work hard but the social side is good too. There’s lots of extra stuff going on like dragon boat racing, doing the Three Peaks for charity, fast food Fridays, and quizzes. To anyone thinking of applying for a role with Lowell I would say go for it!

Since writing this Helen has moved to Lowell’s Software Configuration and Support team.

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